Get Scineric

The Scineric installers currently available are listed below.

These installers will guide you through all the necessary steps. When you open Scineric Workspace for the first time, you will be greeted with a Configuration Wizard which will help you to set everything up for your environment.

Current Version (v2.2.0.706)

To install the Linux package, rename the downloaded zip file to have a .run extension. Next, execute the .run file like this: sudo ./ –target /opt/target_path

The full packages on Windows contains 3rd party tools which extends Scineric’s capabilities. However, you can also download these tools separately at a later time if you prefer. The following tools are included:

If you would like to target a different operating system please let us know.

The above downloads are all 6-month evaluations. In that time you have access to the full functionality of Scineric Workspace. After the expiry date, you will still be able to open all your designs, but you will not be able to save changes you make to them.